Estate Planning

Services - Estate Planning is about more than just a will.

Wills and Trusts


If you do nothing else to take care of your legal affairs, you should write a will. If you don't make a will before your death, state law will determine who gets your property and a judge may decide who will raise your children.  The main reason for setting up a revocable living trust is to save your family time and money by avoiding probate after your death. But there are other benefits as well.



Legal guardianship is a court order that says someone who is not the child's parent is in charge of taking care of the child.  Legal guardians can, but do not have to be related to the child.  A legal guardian can make decisions about where the child lives and goes to school, the child’s health care, and any other factors affecting the child's growth, safety and protection.

Health Care Directive/HIPPA


An advanced health care directive is a legal document in which a person specifies what actions should be taken for their health if they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves due to illness or incapacity.  HIPPA authority allows a person's agent access to the person's medical records.  An agent's authority to act on your behalf may be difficult without a HIPPA authorization.

Power of Attorney


 A general power of attorney is another document that is usually part of an estate plan.  It is a legal document giving someone else the authority to act on your behalf.  A valid power of attorney will give a person you trust the power to take care of important matters for you - for example, paying your bills, managing your investments, or directing your medical care, should you be unable to do so. 

Fertility Considerations


Infertility is an extremely personal and private experience.  On top of the physical and financial burden, couples must also consider what to do with leftover embryos and/or other genetic material.  I have experience with fertility issues and there are a number of provisions that can be included in an estate plan to deal with this sensitive and personal issue.  

Trust Administration


If a family member passes away with a trust, the trustee must follow the instructions in the trust with respect to carrying out the decedent's wishes.  If you have been named as trustee, then you will need an attorney to help administer the terms of the trust.